Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Drunken Hoveround

A friend and I had a bit to drink one night.....Her parents have a Hoveround and wow are they fun.

If this friend ever knew i put this picture on here she would kill me but hate that. Any who we had quite a few beers in us and decided to ride. On the head rest of the Hoveround there was a coonskin hat. We took our vehicle for the evening outside for a ride. It had been raining that night and our terrain was a little muddy, and the driveway is a pretty good size hill. If you've ever rode a hoveround when you let off the handle you stop, but not in the mud. So we started at the top of the hill and rode down it, or i should say slid down. It was so much fun until i got it stuck. Where i was stuck was right beside my car. I tried and tried to get out of the mud but all i was doing was making it worse. I kept trying until finally it spun around and slammed into the side of my car. At that point i finally realized i need to get off of here in order to get this thing out. I got it out and took a small victory lap before driving back into the house.

We get inside and my friend can't find her cat, so we assumed it got out on our escapades. (You know what they say about assuming) It's dark outside, and no outside light to turn on. We go outside to look for the kitty. Not far from the door we saw something curled up and fury. Not moving! So we both freak out thinking one of us has ran over the cat. Neither one of us really want to go investigate the damage of the fury thing on the ground, but eventually as always i have to go see what the damage is. I walk up to it and open my cell phone to shed a little light on the situation......O My Goodness......I don't really know how to explain this to my friend the owner of the kitty. I go back inside weary of what to say.

As calmly as i know how, i tell her, it wasn't your cat it was just the coonskin hat!